The Shiatsu Research Network is an international, informal and not-for-profit volunteer effort to establish an open platform for developing and supporting scientific research projects, providing mutual exchange of knowledge and presenting expertise in the world of shiatsu. A virtual meeting space for anyone interested in Shiatsu AND Research. A space where people from various backgrounds can collaborate and provide their unique approach to the picture of shiatsu in the context of research and science.


Who are we?

Most of us are shiatsu practitioners, not necessarily with research-related education but with interest in research. Among us, there are people working in an academic context, related to the Evidence Based Medicine approach, the natural sciences or the social sciences. Practitioners who want to improve our research literacy and gain basic research skills. People who want to run collaboratively specific research projects. Practitioners interested to know about the newly published studies in our field. People wanting to discuss published research. Practitioners wanting to explore the relevance or not of research to shiatsu. People who want to use research in an effort to establish the legal right to practice and receive shiatsu. Practitioners who would like to have evidence-based guidelines.

Establishment, membership and administration

The Shiatsu Research Network established after the European Shiatsu Congress of 2017 in Vienna. Dr. techn. Kristina Pfeifer conceives the idea and with support from the European Shiatsu Congress team, brings it into existence. It is a non-hierarchical, horizontal network of people, without formal membership. Everyone involved in any of its structures and activities represents only her/himself. Currently, an administrator team consisting of three people (alph.: Dr. Sc, Sandy Gsell, Dr. techn. Kristina Pfeifer, Stergios Tsiormpatzis MSc) is responsible for the administrative care and facilitate the functioning of the Network. Anyone interested in contributing their time and ideas in administrative responsibilities is welcome to contact the team. The role of the administrators remains strictly at a technical level, without a representative or other decision-making powers.

Virtual structures

To fulfil the needs of the developing Network a central website is “under constant construction”, while multiple mailing-lists and a forum are running. Further virtual structures could be created depending on the needs of the members of the Network.

A note on intellectual property

All work produced for and by the Network is under a Creative Commons licence:

Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

In short, that means that anyone is free to share and adapt it as long as attributes it according to the licence description and share it under the same licence.

For details, read the full licence documentation.

Exceptionally, academic publications that occurred from activities of the Network can follow the intellectual property demands of the journal that publishes the work. In such a case, the Network or a specific subgroup of it should be included as a co-author.