Questionnaires and measurement tools are frequently used in research as well as in clinical practice. Here we would like to introduce a few tools which might be beneficial for our work as shiatsu practitioners. One of the most general and simple approaches is the free, standardized and validated MYMOP questionnaire.


MYMOP, the Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile, is a brief and easy questionnaire, which is fast to complete and available in many languages. With MYMOP your clients are actively involved in their care plan since they choose one or two symptoms, they wish to address on the initial questionnaire form. At the beginning and at the end of a sequence of treatments they then mark on a simple scale how their symptoms are impacting their activities.

This can help your clients to notice even small changes, can enhance their mind-body connection and can help increase their awareness of the benefits they derive from your treatments.

Using MYMOP can help you to determine how effective your treatments are, which aspects or variations of treatment lead to the best health outcomes, and can help you identify your strengths – what types of conditions or clients you are best able to help, what your specialties are. If you find while using the MYMOP that it is not appropriate for a specific type of client, we would be glad if you send us your feedback (admin <*put "at" here*>

MYMOP is a certified research tool and if you integrate it in your daily practice, this may be your first step in the world of scientific research in shiatsu.

Please read the general information and the instruction on the MYMOP website carefully before using and download the original questionnaire forms or ask the authors for the validated translations in your language. If you write to the authors of the translations to ask for MYMOP in your language, please also tell them your profession and the purpose of use.

MYCaW is a MYMOP form adapted to cancer related issues  and other settings that need a delicate approach. The difference is the wording that puts symptoms in an altered aspect and includes a question that can be answered freely and individually. It can be registered to the MYMOP network as well by being mention as MYCaW variation.

HRQoL is offering standard questions that lead to a quantitative result in regard of occurrences of health impairement affecting the physical and mental level, as well as restriction of daily scores. It is provided in English and Spanish.

VAS is a widely used measurement tool for the intensity of pain. It is a single-item scale depicted on a vertical (VVAS) or horizontal line (HVAS), drawn in 10 cm in length and graduated in 10 units. Extreme ends are anchored with verbal description. Examples can be found here.

PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index is offered in English and German. It is restricted to sleep quality assessment over a 1-month period and is based on self-report by the client. The duration of attention for each form is estimated with 4-5 minutes.