Shiatsu Research Network, Mailing Lists


Do you want to be part of the Network?
Are you interested in Shiatsu and research?

In accordance to your available time and personal interest in the network, 
we offer three stages of participation: 

  • Subscribe to the newsletter for updates 2-3 times a year. Just visit our main page, scroll down and insert your email address next to the wave

  • Participate in discussions with our most active members by joining the "roundtable" mailinglist. There, you can also find support from the community.

  • You can also become a volunteer working member of the administration. Just contact us at admin[put the monkey here]

We can create additional mailinglists for your needs.
Existing additional mailinglists: 

If you have problems subscribing or any questions about research, send an email to
admin[put the monkey here]