Shiatsu and Research

In our first strategic meeting on September 11th 2021 ten participants from eight different countries agreed on the Vision, Mission and Values below:


To have the potential benefits of shiatsu and its mechanisms of action perceivable to the greater world.


Support research literacy and shiatsu research through the creation of: A virtual meeting space: our network. Self-learning materials. Knowledge transfer. And when we have enough working power within the Network: Connection between interest groups to make research happen.


Inclusivity (open to everybody and respect the various shiatsu styles). Choosing the direction with our heart. Creative Commons (Open source). Promoting research integrity. Constructive discussion culture.

Getting Started

Therapist's hands holding a hand of a client and pressing the palm along the perikard meridian.
image: conscious design,

Implement practical tools from the fields of research to professionalize your shiatsu practice:

Getting Deeper

Woman writing notes into a book.
image: Hannah Olinger,

Learn how you can contribute to scientific research with your experiences in shiatsu:

Get in Touch

Diverse people looking together at a laptop screen.
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Stay informed, get connected and/or get involved! We offer you various levels of connection and inclusion: