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Scientific case reports in shiatsu

Watch our video about scientific case reports in shiatsu!
In the course of the International Shiatsu Congress Online 2020 by New Energy Work, we presented how practitioners can contribute to scientific research. Our Webinar-Handout you find here and the slides of the presentation here.

First article series published in the Shiatsu Society Journal

Evidence-Based Medicine and Research for Shiatsu practitioners, Winter 2020

by Stergios Tsiormpatzis MSc

How to Read Research Papers – Case Reports

by Kristina Pfeifer

Presentation “Shiatsu und Kognitionsforschung im Dialog”

The following video is in German only:

We thank the Austrian Society of Shiatsu for the cooperation and the investment in producing this video!

Getting Started

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Learn how you can contribute to scientific research with your experiences in shiatsu:

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