Who is behind the Shiatsu Research Network?

In our first strategic meeting participated ten shiatsu practicer from eight different countries: Frans Annegarn (NL), Leisa Bellmore (CA), Fernando Cabo (GB), Bruno Ganner (AT), Sandy Gsell (CH), Karin Koers (DE), Eliane Liechti (GB), Kristina Pfeifer (AT), Lucia Seminara (IT), Stergios Tsiormpatzis (FI).

The administration is mainly organized by Kristina Pfeifer and Sandy Gsell. Together with Leisa Bellmore and Stergios Tsiormpatzis they developed the first SRN webinar on the ISCO2020. Leisa Bellmore kindly proofreads the English texts and Stergios Tsiormpatzis has compiled an extensive link list of online resources for learning research. Karin Koers joins us since this year for web projects.

The content of our Getting Started page was mainly developed by our german speaking branch with Sandy Gsell (CH), Karin Koers (DE), Claudia Leyh-Dexheimer (DE), Tamara Odermatt (CH), Kristina Pfeifer (AT).

How does the Shiatsu Research Network support the shiatsu community?

We provide Shiatsu practitioners and national Shiatsu organisations an actual linklist to peer-reviewed articles in the field of shiatsu. Joining our mailing list we keep you informed about recent developments and activities of the SRN.

All practitioners have free access to our self-learning material developed by volunteers: (1) Annotated templates for inital intake and subsequent treatment notes. (2) How to read and write case reports. With our annotated templates every practitioner can make their work with clients more professional. And with the knowledge of how to read and write case reports, every interested practitioner has the opportunity to contribute to the evidence base of Shiatsu.

We are a network for all Shiatsu practitioners who want to advance research in Shiatsu. Join our Roundtable!

Why we want to close the gap between shiatsu and research:

Many of the national or international Shiatsu organisations are seeking political recognition of our profession as Shiatsu practitioners or Shiatsu therapists. This political recognition means that we need research results for Shiatsu.

In order to ensure the quality of our practices in the long term, we need more knowledge about the effects and effectiveness of Shiatsu.

Keep informed about our activities: Join our Newsletter-Mailinglist!

How is the Shiatsu Research Network organized?

We are all working as volunteers. Kristina Pfeifer and Sandy Gsell are the Admin-Team at the moment. The Roundtable participants will be invited to the annual meeting in Spring. And the German-speaking branch is involved in teaching the use of the interview templates and treatment notes.

Getting Started

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Implement practical tools from the fields of research to professionalize your shiatsu practice:

Getting Deeper

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Learn how you can contribute to scientific research with your experiences in shiatsu:

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